Fund Basics

Daily Data as of 2/15/2019

Closing Market Price $17.83
NAV $19.03
Premium/Discount -6.31%
Daily Volume 60,189
Net Assets $429,548,280
Common Shares Outstanding 0
Percent Leveraged N/A
52 Week Average Premium/Discount -4.60%
52 Week High/Low Market Price $
52 Week High/Low Market NAV $
Distribution Information as of 12/31/18

Distribution Information

Current Distribution Rate 9.15%
Quarterly Dividend Per Share $0.4000
Ex-Dividend Date November 27, 2018
Payable Date December 31, 2018

Complete listing of historical distributions

Current quarter’s distribution per share annualized; divided by the September 29, 2018 market price per share. The Fund’s third quarter 2018 distributions were comprised of long-term capital gains. The distribution rate alone is not indicative of Fund performance. To the extent that any portion of the current distributions were estimated to be sourced from something other than income, such as return of capital, the source would have been disclosed in a Section 19(a) Notice located under the “Investor Information” section of the Fund’s website. Please note that the distribution classifications are preliminary and certain distributions may be re-classified at year end. Please refer to year-end tax documents for the final classifications of the Fund’s distributions for a given year.


Fiscal Year-End 9/30
Portfolio Manager Tekla Capital Management
Shareholder Servicing Agent Destra Capital Investments

HQL Fact Card

Investment Objective

Tekla Life Sciences Investors ("HQL") is a non-diversified closed-end healthcare fund traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker HQL. HQL primarily invests in the life sciences (including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, managed healthcare, medical equipment, hospitals, healthcare information technology and services, devices and supplies), agriculture and environmental management industries. The Fund's objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation through investments in companies in the life sciences industry believed to have significant potential for above-average long-term growth. Selection will emphasize the smaller, emerging companies with a maximum of 40% of the Fund's assets in restricted securities of both public and private companies. Management believes this provides a unique opportunity not usually available to mutual fund investors.